Square Top Theatre was founded in southwest Colorado in 2007 as a repertory theatre company. Today, we’re based in Spokane, Washington, and Tromsø, Norway. Our members live and work across the globe, but our core team has worked together for 15 years. We’ve grown into an interdisciplinary production company specializing in new work for theatre, film, and gallery installation. We trust our audiences to join us in the creative process. As such, it’s normal for post-show conversations to outstrip the runtime of the film or performance itself. Our work revolves around questions of place, landscape, memory, and a devotion to storytelling as an act of survival.

In recent years, we have created a series of theatre productions with live original music. The latter two shows were created in partnership with national public radio affiliates and have been broadcast from New York and Vermont to the Pacific Northwest and Montana. We began making films in 2015. Since then, our award-winning movies have been selected by Cinema on the Bayou; Blow Up Arthouse Film Festival; and Northwest Film Forum, among others. We have been featured twice at the Art Video International Film Festival in Cannes, and we’ve screened at the National Nordic Museum in Seattle, WA; the Museum of Reconstruction for Finnmark and Northern Troms in Hammerfest, northern Norway; and UiT: Norway’s Arctic University.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization, we thrive on the support of our donors. Over the years, our work has been funded in part by the U.S. Embassy in Oslo, New York Council for the Humanities, the Network of Ensemble Theatres, the Spokane Arts Grant Awards, and many other generous institutions and individuals.


Charles M Pepiton (Producing Artistic Director) – www.cpepiton.com

Damon Falke (Associate Producer / Writer) – www.damonfalke.com

Rebekah Wilkins-Pepiton (Associate Producer / Multidisciplinary Artist) – www.bekawp.com

Wes Kline (Multidisciplinary Artist) – www.weskline.com

Tana Bachman-Bland (Musician / Composer)

Ryan Childers (Actor)

Kristine Fostervold (Associate Producer / Translator) is a native Norwegian translator who grew up in the north of Norway.

Shechem Press – Advancing the work of poets, playwrights, thinkers, and artists. www.shechempress.com

STT is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

A member of the Network of Ensemble Theatres.

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